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Dental Implant in Albany NY

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Dental office in Albany NY

Dental implant in Albany NY
Dental implant in Albany NY

Restore your full smile with our dental implant in Albany NY, the most advanced teeth replacement available. Fixed bridges and partial removable dentures simply don’t afford you the same benefits, and here at Barats Family Dentistry, our priority is to help you to take advantage of the best methods and technology that can be offered. Most people are good candidates for implants, but there are some qualifications that need to be considered.

Unlike bridges and dentures, which are simply placed on the surface of your gums, our dental implant in Albany NY are surgically placed, and they replace not just the tooth on top, but the root beneath. The titanium post that is your new root becomes fused with your jaw bone over the course of several months, as the tissue grows around it. A tooth-colored crown is then cemented to the top of the post, and that is the complete implant. The first requirement is that your jaw bone, when tested at our office, must meet the standard of being thick and strong enough so that it can effectively hold the post. If, however, you are not considered eligible on that basis, a bone grafting procedure can be done, in which bone from elsewhere in your body is used to augment your jaw bone. Your gums should also be in generally healthy condition in order to receive our dental implant in Albany NY. And then there are risk factors, including being a smoker and having diabetes, than can impact your ability to get a successful implant. Our oral surgeon will discuss your individual situation with you and determine if you qualify.

Just contact our office and we will arrange an examination and consultation so you can find out if you meet the eligibility standards for an implant. The good news is that most people do, or can be made to with some effort.

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