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Emergency Dentist in Albany NY

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Toothaches in Albany NY

Emergency Dentist in Albany NY
Emergency Dentist in Albany NY

When it comes to urgent dental matters, there is no more obvious one than a toothache. The pain can come and go or be unrelenting. Either way, we at Barats Family Dentistry take it very seriously. And our emergency dentist in Albany NY will make sure that seeing you and treating the problem is a high priority. Unlike some other places, we won’t put you off until the middle of next week. Our goal is to get you in here as quickly as possible.

A toothache can be a simple matter. Maybe you just have a cavity that needs a filling. Or perhaps an existing filling came loose and fell out. Both of these matters are handled with the placement of a filling, new or replacement, so that your tooth is restored to being whole and your protective enamel cannot be breached and lead to pain and other possible negative effects. A chipped or cracked tooth also opens up your tooth to invaders in the form of bacteria. But even if that does not happen, an exposed nerve can result in a toothache that needs to be addressed by our emergency dentist in Albany NY. By creating a crown to place over the tooth, the nerve will again be protected. And in the event that an infection has taken hold, you will need root canal treatment. Don’t worry, though. Today’s advanced techniques and equipment make it virtually pain-free. And root canal is valuable because it rescues a tooth that would otherwise have to be pulled. Our emergency dentist in Albany NY will also treat a toothache that can be traced back to gum disease or a jaw issue like TMJ disorder.

Pain in or around your tooth should never be ignored. We’re here to help, so reach out to our office and let us schedule you to come in promptly. Keep our number programmed in your phones.

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