Tooth Extraction in Albany NY

Tooth Decay in Albany NY

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Tooth Decay Treatment in Albany NY

Tooth Decay in Albany NY
Tooth Decay in Albany NY

When you have tooth decay in Albany NY, it is vital to have it treated as quickly as possible. And we at Barats Family Dentistry will assess the effects of tooth decay and recommend the most appropriate option.

In order to say on top of tooth decay, the best method is to prevent it entirely. A big part of that can be accomplished at home. Keep your diet limited in the amount of sugar you consume, brush twice per day (when you wake up and before you go to sleep), and floss at bedtime. Engaging in that regiment goes a long way toward eliminating dental plaque, which is at the center of causing tooth decay in Albany NY. Since not all of it is typically removed, though, and may hide in gum pockets and out of reach of your oral hygiene efforts, you should visit our office twice per year to get a complete checkup and a teeth cleaning. It is a teeth cleaning that gets out the hard-to-reach plaque and the hardened tartar entirely. A checkup that includes x-rays allows our dentist to detect cavities, the result of tooth decay, as early as possible. Typically, all it takes is a filling to shore up the cavity. However, if you have not been diligent in coming in every six months, tooth decay in Albany NY can spread and become more than a filling can address sufficiently. If that happens then you will need to have a crown fashioned in order to augment your tooth and keep it viable. Crowns, also called caps, are made at the dental lab from impressions taken by our dentist. The worst case scenario of tooth decay is the loss of a tooth through extraction, which is something we want to help you prevent.

Before you have a cavity that leads to a toothache or more serious consequences, call our office and set up an appointment to come in for a checkup.

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